X.509 Certificates

Communication with the KIT-CERT can be secured not only with PGP keys but also using X.509 certificates. These certificates can be used with almost all modern mail user agents for the purpose of mail encryption. All X.509 certificates used by KIT-CERT have been issued by KIT's Certification Authority.

You can also get the certificate directly at the certificate search page of the KIT-CA.

X.509 certificates of KIT-CERT and its members
GRP: KIT-CERTcert@kit.edu, abuse@kit.eduDownloadDownload
Heiko Reeseheiko.reese@kit.edu, reese@kit.edu, h.reese@kit.eduDownloadDownload
Konstantin Zangerlekonstantin.zangerle@kit.eduDownloadDownload
Peter Oettigoettig@kit.edu, p.oettig@kit.edu, peter.oettig@kit.edu, poettig@kit.eduDownloadDownload