KIT-CERT Team Info

Team Members

The following people are operating the KIT-CERT

  • Heiko Reese (team leader)
  • Konstantin Zangerle
  • (Thorsten Tüllmann)

Mailing List

The KIT-CERT is using a mailing list <cert-info does-not-exist.lists kit edu> for news and announcements regarding any operating issues.

Subscription requests for this list should be sent to the sympa listserver at <cert-info-request does-not-exist.lists kit edu>. The body of the message should consist of the word "subscribe". An alternate method of subscribing to this mailing list is to use the webinterface, you can find the link below. Additional help is available at

Archives of this list are available at Logging on with your subscribed mail address is required to view the archives.

This mailing list is moderated.